Can I boot my Hyper-V Guests from SAN?

Yes, you can (and should) boot your Hyper-V children/guests from your shared storage array.  Here’s how:

Create a Hyper-V cluster of at least two Hyper-V Parent machines using a third File Share Witness (I used a share off my DC).  After you create your Failover Cluster, zone and mask storage to both nodes of your new cluster.  Use the Failover Cluster Manager to add the newly zoned storage as a cluster resource, then convert the volume to a Cluster Shared Volume.  This is far easier than I make it sound.

Now, the Hyper-V Manager to edit your default properties to store machines and virtual machine definition files on the newly created CSV.  Now, use the Failover Cluster Manager to create a new Virtual Machine — and make sure you are storing it on the CSV.  Viola.  Done.  You are now booting your VM from SAN.

The data partitions, can now be stored in the same CSV (NOT recommended!!!), stored on a second or third VM, stored on a SCSI Passthrough volume, or stored via iSCSI initiator — all on the SAN — in separate storage pools, RAID Groups, etc.

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